TMP Visits Fall Trade Shows

Tailor Made Products has been busy selling at trade shows this fall, beginning with the September 2019 Non Foods Marketing Expo in Dallas, Texas.

TMP product lines shown at the NFM Expo included the Curious lines of kids cooking and kids gardening tools, Curious Chef® and Curious Gardener®, as well as the Crisp line of innovative, sleek adult kitchen gadgets. A wide array of our made in the USA products were brought along as well. The Original Party Pal reusable party tray that lets you hold your food, beverage, and utensils in one hand was showcased, along with the One-Tie® line of reusable tie straps for use in hardware, houseware, gardening, and more. 

Other TMP product lines included the longstanding Bottle Buddy® line of 3 or 5-gallon water bottle racking systems, in addition to the brand new Treatie Pet Photo & Selfie Clip by Puppy Pirate.

Our made in the USA nylon plastic kitchen utensils rounded out this American-made category. 

In late September, the TMP sales team travelled to San Antonio for the BWI Expo and then rounded out the series with the L & L Marketplace Retailer Show in Reno, Nevada earlier this month. 

Both BWI and L & L focused on the home and garden industry, showcasing Curious Chef, Curious Gardener, One-Tie, Party Pal, Bottle Buddy and Puppy Pirate. 

Any buyers coming from the Non Foods, BWI, or L & L shows, please contact to learn more about our merchandising options or to place an order.