Wisconic Opens Fulfillment Center at Hartland Location

Since 1994, Wisconic has manufactured and shipped product from our warehouse facilities in Elroy, WI. In fact, Wisconic currently holds over 130,000 square feet of real estate in Elroy, as well as a Sales and Marketing Office in Hartland, WI.

In recent years, there’s been an increased focus on expanding our e-commerce business, both on direct-to-consumer websites and other online retailers.

One of Wisconic’s 2021 corporate initiatives is to transform a section of our Hartland office into an additional distribution center, with the primary purpose of shipping direct-to-consumer e-commerce orders.

“It’s been exciting watching the fulfillment center’s growth over the last couple months. Right now, our future capabilities are endless,” says Amazon SC/Fulfillment Specialist, Naomi Zwieg.

Wisconic is currently shipping over 20 kitchenware products from Hartland using the Amazon merchant fulfillment method. We have plans to fully utilize fulfillment space allotted in Hartland by the end of the year.